Palmetto Archives, Libraries, and Museums Council on Preservation



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PALMCOP exists to provide its membership with help in preserving their collections, so that these materials may be useful as long as possible. Any entity or individual with a paper or film collection of library, archival or museum materials or records--either public or private--is invited to join PALMCOP.
PALMCOP serves Archives, Museums, Libraries, Historic Homes, Local Historical Societies and Church Archives.
PALMCOP exists to help those organizations that want to take care of their collections but have limited staff and resources for preservation. PALMCOP organizes and sponsors a broad variety of educational opportunities for its membership. These programs and services are made available at modest cost. Services include an annual meeting on a relevant preservation topic, day-long workshops on preservation practices, access to an environmental monitoring equipment package, newsletters, and on-site consultations by PALMCOP preservation specialists.
Institutional memberships and Individual memberships are available on an annual basis.  Members can attend PALMCOP functions at reduced rates.